I’ve been tagged twice (by CanarySanctuary and fiberfiend6891) in a little “7 random facts” quiz. I don’t usually do these things, but I’ve taken their encouragement as a kick in the butt to actually use my blog.

1. I was born August 25th, 1987 in Toronto, and I’ve lived here all my life. 21 in a few months! I’ll be able to call myself a twenty-something.

2. I really love shoes. That’s probably not too uncommon for a young female, and I’m sure some of you can agree that you can just never have too many. Two new additions:
img 003img 008

3. My clock radio is set to a classic rock station and all day long, each day, I have the song that I woke up to stuck in my head. Today it was “The Boys in the Bright White Sports Car”:video link. Hi-larious.

3. I love knitting for the summer: skirts, tanks. Wooly winter sweaters just don’t appeal to me, despite living in Canada.

hair cut4. I got a haircut recently! With bangs! I haven’t worn this type of bang since i was a little kid, so i was naturally apprehensive. And although I don’t look too thrilled in that photo, I am actually happy with them. I think they look like Chuck’s from Pushing Daisies while wavy and like Ana Karina’s while straight.

5. I generally bake when I’m avoiding something (ie. SCHOOL WORK UGH). Today I baked a bread loaf. :(

6. I listen to bands with female singers almost exclusively. Like Broadcast, Blonde Redhead, Amy Winehouse, Komeda, Nouvelle Vague. I just find the sound sweeter, I suppose.

7. I can’t drive. I think I bought the driver’s manual when I was 15 in anticipation of taking the test, but I’ve never gone for it. The thought of controlling a giant machine is a bit terrifying, and I’m happy taking the bus.

And speaking of summer knitting, I’ve finished something for this season:
skirt blocking
It’s the Lacy Skirt with Bows from Greetings from the Knit Cafe. It’s finishing blocking now, and I’ll get some modeled photos later this week and post some details about the project.


Blooming tea, a gift from my friend Gillian. It is so beautiful and delicious!


White challah bread with an egg and honey glaze. I let it rise extra long so the texture is especially fluffy.

apple galette

Rustic apple galette with raisins and almonds. Easy to make and soo mouthwatering.

I’m making myself hungry now. Share with me some of your own food porn!

Been awhile, hasn’t it?

I’ve been so busy with school in the last few months, I haven’t had time to blog (and barely time to knit!). Still read my blogroll daily, so I’m caught up, but I hope you haven’t forgotten me!

When I have knit recently, I’ve had colour(work) on the brain.

img 113These herringbone gloves are from a free Japanese pattern here. I do not read Japanese, so I’m knitting them with the help of bablefish translator and nightly prayers. The pattern includes really great charts though, so it isn’t so bad. The first one is going well so far, I’ve finished most of the fingers now. I only hope I can remember everything by the time I get to the second.

img 116Winter doesn’t have much longer to go(hopefully), so I’ll pack them away once I’m done for next fall. I’m using Regia Solid 4-ply in dark brown and white, which I got on sale on a trip to London this Christmas (I have a few London digital photos here, but unfortunately I lost the bulk of my pictures because my film got stuck in the camera :(. ) The fit isn’t that great (I have very small wrists), but they’re super cute, so who cares?

Next up, Swell from Knitty! This was a request from a cold-headed individual who had no idea what he wanted in a hat, so I searched around and settled on the chullo style, since I’ve always been attracted to it but I can’t really get away with the style myself. I styled it after this hat, which is also knit from a free pattern, but I found Swell to be better written. The yarn is Paton’s SWS (solids) and the needles are size 7. The only mod other than the stripes, was to crochet around the edges. It curled like crazy before that.

This pattern I think needs no introduction, since it’s been knit by every Harry Potter fan/knitter on the Internet. It’s the Prisoner of Azkaban scarf from atypically.knit. I actually knit this several years ago, before my days with a blog and a camera. It was one of my first projects and I’m still really proud of it. Recently I broke out the sweater shaver and went to town on it, and it looks like new again. No mods on it that I can remember, I wasn’t too brave at the beginning. The yarn is classic merino, and it’s been awhile, but I think the needles were 8s.

That’s all there is to report on. I’m just desperately waiting for Spring because I have some cute warm-weather knits planned and I’d freeze in them on -10 degree days like today.

Recently I’ve had a pie craving that I knew couldn’t be satisfied by one-note grocery store pies. I’m not sure what it was, maybe I’ve gotten too into Pushing Daisies, but I knew I had to have one. So here it is, my very first pie. Made from some super vintage pie crust mix(at least 10 years old) and a can of strawberry rhubarb filling. It’s not perfect(the lattice work is a bit wonky), but its my first pie, give me a break! It was delicious anyway.

If I’d made a cherry pie, now would be when I’d give you my segue into my next knitting project, Cherry! Ravelry has a great gallery of finished ones. I hope this actually comes to formation though, recently I seem to talk about knitting more than I actually knit. I have my yarn and I’ve already started, so lets hope its a good sign.



p.s. look forward to some winter accessories, its gotten so cold so fast here!

I know I’ve been an awful blogger, I cant remember the last time I posted, but Halloween gets me excited about everything so I want to start up again. I love dressing up, and especially as fairy tale heroines. This year I was Red Riding Hood (its actually a repeat from last year, but I refined it a little this year and took some action shots). It got out last Saturday night, but tonight I’ll just wear it to hand out candy (kids are already coming in).

img 025

img 027

img 038

Lots of pictures, I know. But aren’t they so pretty? We took them this morning in a hiking trail near my house.

img 007The cloak is a really big half circle, and I can dig up the pattern if anyone wants it. The fabric is a huge remnant I got on the cheap last year, and its also used as the cover in my basket. The 2nd picture shows a close up of the lined hood and velvet ties. The fabric is a little ripped around the collar because I tore it having too much fun this weekend:( On the right are the pumpkins my father and I carved this year.

On the knitting front, not much has been going on. I’m so busy with school and life that I haven’t had much opportunity. I’ll update soon on my winter projects. I’ve also been tagged in a survey by the girls at teamknit, so I’ll get on that soon!

Happy Halloween everyone!

img 085I saw this pattern yesterday on a crochet board. I haaaave been needing one of these, and I had some left over kitchen cotton I’d planned for another market bag, but I have enough of those already. So I cast on (chained? hooked? I don’t know my crochet terminology) and finished it within a day. It probably should have taken less time, but my crochet skills are a little rusty.

I haven’t tested it out yet. I’ll probably bleach it like crazy it first to soften it up.

If it doesn’t work out as a bath puff, I can use it as an accessory for a zombie costume, because I can’t help thinking of brains when I look at it.

I’ve also made some swatches (not official swatches- just figuring out stitch patterns) for those two Phildar sweaters, and I think I’ve got them down! You can see them here. I think I’ll start the ones with the V’s first, because it’s more fun to do.


knit graffiti

Early Frost by Janet Morton at the Centre for Contemporary Canadian Art

holy crap! I couldn’t knit something like this flat, let alone around a tree.

This weekend (August 4,5) at the CCCA in Ottawa, help artist Janet Morton create a garden using textiles, knitting and other non-traditional materials.

You can see more of her work at the CCCA website www.ccca.ca

I’m jealous of all of you in Ottawa, anyone up for a carpool from TO?


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