March 2007

This is the beginning of what I hope (fingers crossed) will be my first successful sweater. It’s a raglan V neck so it’s so simple to knit, and I’ve practically been making it up as I knit along. The waist in it is a little big, because I haven’t been doing any shaping, in order to maintain the lace pattern. Hopefully I can stretch it in length with blocking, so that’ll make the body a little more narrow. I’m going to leave the sleeves short, probably add a few rows of k1p1 ribbing. I’ve only knit to around my waist in the body, so I still have several inches to go, and I’ll probably make it tunic length, because most of my camisoles are long.

More updates soon!

Spring came a few days ago here and I already feel the changes. People in the city walk with a refreshed confidence. The snow is gone, the trees are budding, and all of summer’s beautiful colours are peaking out from what used to be bleak and grey.
Early morning rain storms clear up into dewy afternoons. We’re more happy, more active, more inspired.
My backyard bird feeder gets its daily visitors: sparrows, doves, even the more rare squirrel. They sing and dance outside my window. They feel spring too.
The winter puts me in to a sort of artistic depression. My world is cold and dark. It’s harder for me to find it’s beauty.
But feeling the sun and seeing the difference the new season has on people and nature is euphoric. I want to create. I want to photograph the renewed beauty. I want to run and shout. I want to better myself. I want my better my world somehow. I want to make some kind of difference.

Springtime resolutions seem more appropriate to me than New Years resolutions for all those reasons.

So what will you change this year?

blue beret update
1 ball Lion Wool
4 & 8 DPNS
guage: (taken in the round, in pattern)
ribbing=5st/inch unstretched

Cast on 72 with size 4 needles
Work k1p1 around for 1.5 inches
Next row, k2m1 *repeat for row
Switch to size 8 needles
k8p1 *repeat for row
Work till full length of hat is: 8.5 inches for tam; 7 inches for toque
k2together 4 times, p1 *repeat for row
k2together 2 times, p1 *repeat for row
k2together, p1 *repeat for rowIMG_1941
Cut a long tail, and thread it through the remaining stitches 3 times, weave the end inside the hat
Weave in the cast on tail.

For toque, make a two inch pompom, trim, and fasten.

You’re done!
Block lightly or leave it as is

*note, the ribbing is really tight, so if you have a bigger head, or hair with a lot of volume, go up a size or two for the smaller needles.

Endpaper Ipod Sock

My first real foray in to fair isle. I think every knitter with an mp3 player has made a sock for it at some point, and I figured it was time to clothe my Toshiba Gigabeat for the winter season. I used the chart from Eunny Jang’s Endpaper Mitts because it was simple and pretty. The yarn was some black acrylic and variegated wool leftovers from the stash.

endpaper ipod sock

Diamond Fair Isle Mitts

My second fair isle knitting project. It’s based on traditional fair isle mitten patterns, but I decided on a thumb gusset for comfort and a better fit. I love these mittens, they’re so warm and sleek and they look so impressive to knitters and non-knitters alike. I can’t wait for next winter to knit another pair, because I’d feel guilting making another pair when it’s almost spring.


my perfect little fuzz ball

I want to make a million of these and just… play with them. They’re so round and fuzzy and perfect and cute.

I wet felted this from tiny yarn scraps after trimming the pompom for my big blue beret.


This is the scarf that started the Danica revolution on Craftster. It’s the finished knit I’m most proud of. It’s made of the beautiful Paton’s SWS in Natural Earth. I used around three balls, and it reaches around my hips, which I’d say is a pretty good scarf length.


The second Danica I knit was a gift for Yale. I actually started it before my other one XD. I just finished it, and it’s probably warming his neck as I type this.
yale's scarf

This one was based on a scarf from the Anthropologie catologue, (I’d link to it, but I think their page is defunct by now). It was knit sideways, which made i go by so fast. I love this scarf, it’s so soft, and probably the one I wear the most often.

I’ve just discovered the magic that is the tubular cast-on.



It’s seamless and reversible, so it’s perfect for objects knit inside out.

I can’t help but stare and wonder where it ends and where it begins…

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