Catching up: Scarves

9 thoughts on “Catching up: Scarves”

  1. This is totally gorgeous! I found the pattern on Knitty and am dying to try it. I am floundering with the entrelac technique, however. I knit left-handed (using the working needle in my left hand only). I get a good start, and then I have problems figuring out how to do the center part. Any suggestions???

  2. Hmmm…. I don’t know a lot about left handed knitting, but I think in the centre square you’d still be picking up 10 stitches.
    I don’t know how you’d convert the decreases though 😦
    If you have a Craftster account, maybe you could ask for tips on the knitalong?

  3. How did you knit that pattern in the last scarf?

    the two danica’s are GORGEOUS!!!! how long did they each take?

  4. The purple scarf was knitted lengthwise in a k2p2 rib. It’s very simple, but I think it looks great.

    The first Danica only took a few weeks, the second one took considerably longer because I put it on hold while I knit the first one:P

  5. I really love your Danicas! Your entrelac looks so neat. Did you use a slip stitch edge when making your triangles/squares? I’d be grateful for your advice on how to make the edges/borders so neat–I haven’t tried entrelac yet but want to now that I’ve seen yours. I love your shrug pattern too! Keep up the lovely work.

  6. Your entrelec scarves are beautiful.. I have made several attempts at making one but got so confused I just gave up!!! Now I want to try again. Can you give me the pattern you used since it is narrower then what’s on knitty
    Thanks so much

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