Spring came a few days ago here and I already feel the changes. People in the city walk with a refreshed confidence. The snow is gone, the trees are budding, and all of summer’s beautiful colours are peaking out from what used to be bleak and grey.
Early morning rain storms clear up into dewy afternoons. We’re more happy, more active, more inspired.
My backyard bird feeder gets its daily visitors: sparrows, doves, even the more rare squirrel. They sing and dance outside my window. They feel spring too.
The winter puts me in to a sort of artistic depression. My world is cold and dark. It’s harder for me to find it’s beauty.
But feeling the sun and seeing the difference the new season has on people and nature is euphoric. I want to create. I want to photograph the renewed beauty. I want to run and shout. I want to better myself. I want my better my world somehow. I want to make some kind of difference.

Springtime resolutions seem more appropriate to me than New Years resolutions for all those reasons.

So what will you change this year?