IMG_2530I recently loaded up on cotton yarn in anticipation of the warm weather coming. I’ve already finished one project and have a few more planned. The first is the Saturday Market Bag from Magknits. I used some great alterations from disdressed for a two strap bag instead of one, because it seemed sturdier to me (I just realized I’m wearing almost the same shirt as in her picture, whoops!). I stuffed it with beach supplies (small towel, bathing suit, sun screen, lotsa knitting, book, snacks) because it seems to me like the perfect beach bag (if only it were warm enough now to actually go to the beach…). You can fit a TON in this bag, and I didn’t even try stuffing it too much for its photoshoot.
Unstretched it’s a lot smaller, so it can easily fit in to another bag if I ever need to, like if I knit a bunch more (which I plan to) and actually use them as market bags.

The next project I’m working on is a shrug based on this gorgeous one from Anthropologie. The base of it is knit, and I’m using a top down raglan similar to the One Skein Wonder for that. The edging is crochet, and I plan on making a bunch of crochet yoyos in various sizes and attaching them like in the original. I’ll post more details of the shrug soon, but as of now I’m only about half finished knitting the raglan part.

Back to something a little more weather appropriate…
I’ve finished my fuzzy lace sweater and it’s pretty cute. I’ll try to get a photo of it tomorrow. I’ve gotten really caught up on warm weather knits, that I’ve almost forgotten about it.

Please comment and tell me about your summer knitting projects!