Summer Knitting

17 thoughts on “Summer Knitting”

  1. What a cool bag! I have 8lbs of blue cotton that I got off of eBay so I just might have to knit this one out of that. It really looks like it holds lots of stuff in there!

    I am dying to see your finished fuzzy lace sweater you were working on. I would like to try that one after I finish the two sweaters I am currently working on. They are both from the Fitted Knits book from Stephanie Japel. You should check out the KAL at

  2. The Saturday Market Bag looks great. I keep on meaning to make one with the pile of cotton I seem to accumulate. I like the mod for the straps as well.

  3. I love this bag. I’m a beginner knitter, but i love buying yarn (esp when they are on sale). I think i have 2 plastic tubs of yarn. I havent done any projects with lace yet but I think I’ll try this shopping bag.

  4. Your blog is great. I wandered over from Craftster, and am thinking of making the Beret. I love all your knits, they’re gorgeous.

  5. I’m making this right now after seeing your cute version on Craftster. Now that I look at yours again I think I seamed my inside out! Are your purls on the outside?
    Thanks so much for the inspiration,

  6. Kelly:
    I do have mine purl side out, but I’ve seen ones seamed knit side out and they look fine too 🙂 When the bag is stretched out, they look pretty similar.

  7. I’m so glad you brought this bag/pattern to my attention- I have friend moving to SF soon and this is a great gift for people who need to switch from plastic to cloth! I love it!

  8. im glad u made one and posted it on the site. when i first saw it on mag knits i didn’t really like it(maybe it was the color or all the stuff they filled it with). but now that i’ve seen yours i think i’ll try it. you used a fabulous color, plus it goes with almost every summer outfit.

  9. Hi Kelly, I love this bag and I must make it but I can’t find the pattern anywhere – the Megaknit link is old and gone. Do you still have it to share?


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