9 thoughts on “Lelah”

  1. That is lovely! Absolutely gorgeous for the summer. Lucky you with the a/c though. In my condo complex…we have to wait for them to turn on the a/c through out the building before we can access it, and so far, no such luck!

    Love your site btw, the content and photos are fab.

  2. Wow! it looks fantastic on you. What a great job you did on it. I like the way you incorporated the elastic in while hemming, way to save some time and sanity.

  3. Hi there
    I’m a first time visitor (but I think i might be coming back)
    I just wanted to say that, that is a wonderful top! It not only looks great, it looks great ON you! 😀
    Dea from Denmark

  4. I love your Lelah… Winter has just begun here so it might be too late for me to start making one right now… but who cares! It looks beautiful…

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