Beaded cami

14 thoughts on “Beaded cami”

  1. Hey I LOVE your tank. GREAT MODS!! Can you explain the short-rows to make the back lower than the top? I have done short rows in other projects before, so I understand how to do them. I just don’t quite understand how to do them in THIS project, or see when you’ve implemented them. Thanks!

  2. Stephanie,
    My short rows wrapped most of the way around the tank, so most of it is this one length, then is dips a bit in the back. I was knitting from the bottom up, so i started with my longest row first, which started about 20 stitches from the side seam, worked all the way around it till i got to 20 stitches after the seam, so there you have most stitches in the row worked. wrap and turn like usual, then you purl to around 4 or 5 stitches from the beginning of your first short row, w&t, knit again, etc.

    It makes a subtle effect, there may be a 2 inch difference between the top of the front and the top of the back, but I think it’s a nice touch.

  3. great cami mods. i especially like the short rows and you explanation of the grafting as this is next up on my needles.. and I’m bound to make a ton of mistakes 🙂

    great blog btw!

  4. I really love your version of the cami. It’s beautiful. And putting the bodice seam under the bust, to me looks much nicer than the original pattern.
    I really prefer all of the modifications that you did.
    I’ve printed out the original pattern, and I’d like to make this using circulars.
    But, I’m fairly new to knitting.
    The original pattern confused me somewhat. For example: the 3 stitches at each end, reading right to left.
    I was wondering whether it would be possible, to get a copy of your pattern? (all modifications mad, notes to changes for knitting in the round, circular needle length, etc…)
    I love it, and I would be so very grateful if you wouldn’t mind sharing it with me.
    I prefer to knit in the round when I can, that is if I can compute your pattern to my fairly new knitters brain. 🙂
    Thanks and, you did a wonderful job!

  5. The three stitches on either side are seam allowances.
    My circular needle was 29 inches I think…
    I would actually recommend you knit it flat though, because it gets a little complicated at the bodice if you’re knitting it in the round. I wrote about the problems I had in my blog post.
    I’m sorry I don’t have specific details, I didn’t write them down as I knit it. All the details I have have already been listed.

  6. gosh your cami is beautious! thanks for taking the time to write out your mods – i had been thinking about knitting this and wanted to do it in the round as well… i am super impressed by yours!

  7. This is AMAZING! I’ve been reading your blog for a while and most of the time, your results are better than the original. Grat job!I was just wondering how did you put the bodice seam under the bust. Can you explain that, please?

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