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I finished my secret toy! This months theme for the Craftster knitting challenge is “Where the Wild Things Are”, in other words, knitted monsters.

Originally I’d planned on making Dracula himself, but I decided it would be easier -and cuter- for me to make a baby vampire.

He’s knit on size 4 needles using assorted stash yarn. The shape of his body is based on the pattern for Kate from knitty, but I made his head a bit more round. The buttons on his jumper are bobbles that I knit in as I was going along. The cape was knit separately and whip stitched on around his neckline. It flares out at the collar and hem to exaggerate the shape. The little ties are crochet chains. His frilly collar was made by picking up stitches around his neck, then doing a picot bind-off. His hands were picked up along the sides of his body, then sewed them down do they’d “puff up” a bit from his body. I use The Cats Mother’s technique for sewing in hair (tutorial here –naked knitted man if you scroll past the hair!). Even gave him a little widows peak, like Béla Lugosi! His mouth, teeth, and eyes were embroidered on.

Two more pics on my flickr, front and collar.

Here is a link to the challenge board, and here is a link to my post there. The voting start the 25th, but entries can be posted untill the 24th.

Vote for me! 😉