I’ve been working on this shrug. It started out its life as one of those shrugs knit from sleeve to sleeve, but once I had seamed up the sleeves and tried it on, I remembered how completely unflattering they are…

I decided to go with the classic shape of a bolero, instead. The construction is based on the circular shrug on craftster, which is just a big rectangle sewn so you can stick your arms and head through. The biggest difference is that my ribbing is MUCH less…. dramatic. I’m not really that big myself, and didn’t want to be overwhelmed with ribs.

It’s basically done, but I’m not quite sure how to finish it. Should I had two inches of ribbing on the bottom of the sleeves? I’ve already got two leave-it-alones, and that’s the way I’m leaning too…

Anyway, advice? What do you think?

PS. I also just started with Ravelry! If you have it too, add me as a friend! I think I need a little guidance there, cause I’m still kind of confused by it šŸ˜› My name there is tragicheroine.