I know I’ve been an awful blogger, I cant remember the last time I posted, but Halloween gets me excited about everything so I want to start up again. I love dressing up, and especially as fairy tale heroines. This year I was Red Riding Hood (its actually a repeat from last year, but I refined it a little this year and took some action shots). It got out last Saturday night, but tonight I’ll just wear it to hand out candy (kids are already coming in).

img 025

img 027

img 038

Lots of pictures, I know. But aren’t they so pretty? We took them this morning in a hiking trail near my house.

img 007The cloak is a really big half circle, and I can dig up the pattern if anyone wants it. The fabric is a huge remnant I got on the cheap last year, and its also used as the cover in my basket. The 2nd picture shows a close up of the lined hood and velvet ties. The fabric is a little ripped around the collar because I tore it having too much fun this weekend:( On the right are the pumpkins my father and I carved this year.

On the knitting front, not much has been going on. I’m so busy with school and life that I haven’t had much opportunity. I’ll update soon on my winter projects. I’ve also been tagged in a survey by the girls at teamknit, so I’ll get on that soon!

Happy Halloween everyone!