In colour

13 thoughts on “In colour”

  1. Those mittens look absolutely beautiful! I will have to check out that Japanese site. Can you actually make sense of a knitting pattern by putting it through Babelfish?

  2. I absolutely LOVE those gloves!! Unfortunately for me, the web page doesn’t come up at all for me, Japanese or English!! I guess I will try and figure the pattern out with your pictures!!!


  3. Oh my gosh! That looks so wonderful!!!! I’m going to go start a pot of coffee and eat bland oatmeal and stare at that photo and see if I can trick my brain!!!

  4. OMG!! I have fallen in love with your houndstooth/herring one mitts.
    While I have never had that much luck with babelfish, I’m going to give it a go.

    Happy knitting,

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