img 085I saw this pattern yesterday on a crochet board. I haaaave been needing one of these, and I had some left over kitchen cotton I’d planned for another market bag, but I have enough of those already. So I cast on (chained? hooked? I don’t know my crochet terminology) and finished it within a day. It probably should have taken less time, but my crochet skills are a little rusty.

I haven’t tested it out yet. I’ll probably bleach it like crazy it first to soften it up.

If it doesn’t work out as a bath puff, I can use it as an accessory for a zombie costume, because I can’t help thinking of brains when I look at it.

I’ve also made some swatches (not official swatches- just figuring out stitch patterns) for those two Phildar sweaters, and I think I’ve got them down! You can see them here. I think I’ll start the ones with the V’s first, because it’s more fun to do.