So many projects…
Anthropologie cowl
I’ve loved this Anthropologie sweater for months (I took a million screen shots of it in November because I know Anthropologie’s pages never last long), but I think soon I’ll get the nerve to knit it. I bought this abosoloutely gigantic men’s cashmere sweater that I’m going to rip out for this. It was knit to 6 stitches per inch on the sweater so I think I’ll stick with that guage. My only problem with the yarn is that it’s in the most boring light heathered grey, so I know I’ll end up dying it. I’m just worried because I’ve never dyed 100% cashmere and I think it will be very delicate. I might dye it with some tumeric to get the same mustardy shade as in the original sweater, but I also don’t look the best in yellow. So many decisions…

Malene Birger vestThis Malen Birger vest is really cool and the construction is so simple. It looks like a scarf that starts out thin (at the neck) , then gets progressively wider at the middle (across the chest and around the waist), then tapers back to it’s original width. It’s seamed together at the narrowest points, then sewn to a square back piece. I love the cables and ties too (there also may be some extra shaping to get the front panels to lay flat). I may make the crocheted ends into pompoms though, I just think they go better with chunky cables. I already have a yarn in mind for this (Lamb’s Pride superwash bulky) which I’ll pick up soon.

Free People mittens
I admit that I’m drawn more to the embroidery on these Free People mittens than anything, but I like the part knit-part crochet construction. The ribbing and front panel are knit, and all the curved shaping is crochet. I wonder what the palm is like? I’d probably just continue it in crochet. I’ll have to lurk the embroidery boards on Craftster though before I attempt this, working on fabric this bulky can’t be easy. I’m not sure what the wooden thing on the wrist is. Maybe it’s knit flat and buttoned? That’s a neat detail, but I think it would add even more bulk and they’re already bulky enough already. Maybe I’ll make these if I have enough yarn left over from that vest…

Phildar pulloverPhildar pullover

I love these two pullovers from Phildar, and although I took French classes for most of my childhood, there is still a problem. 1, we never learned knitting terms, and 2, I don’t remember a word of it anyway. So… I’m going to wing them. I already have the stitch pattern for the brown one, and other than that it looks like a pretty simple scoop neck. I don’t think it will be too hard. Any yarn suggestions while we’re on it? I want something wool, but I’d prefer a blend so it isn’t too warm. It also needs to be worsted weight and easy to find in an LYS, I don’t want to buy yarn online because I fear I may become addicted if i do. Okay, on to the golden sweater. Does anyone have any idea what stitch pattern this is? I’ve never seen this kind of thing before and I’d have no idea to do it. It looks like you create an elongated stitch, and then a few rows later you pick it up and knit it into this row. I tried this and failed miserably.

So while I was typing this, I checked the Craftster thread where I asked the same question and someone gave me this link. I think she’s on to something!

Okay that’s all for now. I do have more projects, but I think this post is long enough already. Why am I thinking of this stuff now anyway? It was 35 degrees out today!