Guess that WIP!

Hint: It’s not a bowling pin in a tuxedo. Something I’m working on for an online knitting challenge. This is my first time making any kind of knit toy. I’m using Knitty’s Kate as a guide for the shape, because I’ve seen it adapted in to many different characters, and it seems very versatile. Those … Continue reading Guess that WIP!

Hemming is painful

I’ve just finished my first turned hem, with the pattern Lelah. Not really the most fun experience, but I’m really happy with the result. I used a whip stitch to seam the live stitches with a row of purl bumps. Because it’s sewn through the back of the stitches, the hem is nearly invisible on … Continue reading Hemming is painful


This is the beginning of what I hope (fingers crossed) will be my first successful sweater. It’s a raglan V neck so it’s so simple to knit, and I’ve practically been making it up as I knit along. The waist in it is a little big, because I haven’t been doing any shaping, in order … Continue reading Fuzz