Big Blue Beret Pattern

21 thoughts on “Big Blue Beret Pattern”

  1. great design and the pompom totally makes it! i posted about chunky berets awhile back and have yet to find one that doesn’t look like a mushroom landed on my head.

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  3. i just finished my hat in vanna’s choice purple by lions brand. it looks fabulous!! very cute and warm. i made a few alterations though, used size 6 for ribbing, and a yarn slightly thicker the the wool. if you do use a thicker yarn make sure you knit loose of move up to size 9 for the body of the hat.

  4. I’m new to knitting. Can you clarify the needle sizes? Is that size 4 and 8 in US or UK or mm? Thanks! This is the most stylish beret pattern I’ve found thus far. I have been searching for one a la Lauren on The Hills.

  5. I just could not find a chunky beret pattern anywhere that struck my fancy; then I found this one, and just finished up the hat in a sort of thistle-lavender coloured yarn, cheap acrylic stuff I found in my friend’s attic… and I LOVE IT!

    I got carried away while knitting it, and knit the body 9″, but now it’s super floppy and wonderful. Thanks for a great, simple pattern.

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