blue beret update
1 ball Lion Wool
4 & 8 DPNS
guage: (taken in the round, in pattern)
ribbing=5st/inch unstretched

Cast on 72 with size 4 needles
Work k1p1 around for 1.5 inches
Next row, k2m1 *repeat for row
Switch to size 8 needles
k8p1 *repeat for row
Work till full length of hat is: 8.5 inches for tam; 7 inches for toque
k2together 4 times, p1 *repeat for row
k2together 2 times, p1 *repeat for row
k2together, p1 *repeat for rowIMG_1941
Cut a long tail, and thread it through the remaining stitches 3 times, weave the end inside the hat
Weave in the cast on tail.

For toque, make a two inch pompom, trim, and fasten.

You’re done!
Block lightly or leave it as is

*note, the ribbing is really tight, so if you have a bigger head, or hair with a lot of volume, go up a size or two for the smaller needles.