Catching up:Fair Isle

5 thoughts on “Catching up:Fair Isle”

  1. hello! I have seen you on Craftster and I was waiting for you to put your blog address in your signature! I just knew that you would have one. I like the flow of your writing, and your photography is lovely. love, ruby.

  2. I actually just started my blog, so thats why I didn’t have a link up!
    Thank you for your comment and compliments (It’s my first real comment on this blog!:O )
    I’m gonna go check out your blog now

  3. I came over from Craftster to see if you had come up with a scan or a pattern – a guide of some kind – for those beautiful mittens, the Diamond Fair Isle ones.
    I like your Endpaper sock/cozy too.

    Happy knittting,

  4. Hola, me encantaron tus proyectos fue una agradable forma de desvelarme me gustaria iniciar un proyecto de un “poncho” tienes algun diseño.
    Saludos desde Mexico

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